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Software Modem Benefits

Software modem-based platforms deliver benefits for all key players in the PC platform and consumer device eco-system. Below are example benefits for a software demodulator-based broadcast receiver platform.

WHO         SOFTWARE MODEM BENEFITS (Broadcast example)
Graphics Card OEM,
Handset OEM
  • Enables low-cost product differentiation for consumers
  • Enables single platform TV strategy across global skews
  • Enables leverage of economy of scale
Processor Vendors
  • Leverages inherent multi-media capabilities of processor
  • Enables platform differentiation offer to device OEMs
Media Player Vendors
  • Enables a global standards media player solution
  • Enables product differentiation from competitors
  • Enables access to wider range of multi-media content
  • Unifies multi-media experience at home and on-the-go
  • Lowest-cost broadcast functionality feature-add