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About Mirics

Not much more than a decade ago, the television was simply a passive live content receiving device, and portable computers and mobile phones were primarily business-focused tools.

Today, driven by multi-media content-hungry consumers, the functions and features of these three screen-based device platforms have changed, blurred and merged: the mobile handset incorporates computer- and TV-like functions; portable computers support handset-like wireless connectivity and feature a plethora of entertainment features; and the TV is becoming a networked multi-media home hub.

Today’s consumers now expect a ubiquitous - anytime, anywhere - multi-media experience delivered across a multiplicity of platforms. Crucially, consumers are not willing to pay a price premium for this converged experience.

Internet protocol, cellular and broadcast are the three complementary technologies that can deliver content to PC and portable devices. The persistent downward price pressure on such devices, combined with the rapid proliferation of media-centric smartphones featuring powerful processors, is a wake-up call to the electronics industry to rethink how convergence can be delivered most cost-effectively.

Mirics believes that the Software Modem approach is the only way the  content-anywhere challenge can be solved at an acceptable cost point

There are some well-known recent examples of software successfully displacing hardware for point applications, such dial-up modems and MPEG video decoding. Today, the microprocessor and application processors found in most portable PC and CE devices support advanced multi-media functionality. The availability of this relatively cheap, multi-media centric processing power heralds the beginning of a new age of commercially viable software modems that can enable converged connectivity and content-anywhere.

Mirics develops software modem solutions to deliver converged connectivity

Mirics® is a system solutions company developing silicon and software platforms. Leveraging the innovation and commercial skills of a world-class team, Mirics has combined reconfigurable silicon techniques with proprietary algorithmic IP to realise the dream of converged connectivity.

Mirics’ first success towards its convergence vision is FlexiTV™ - the world’s first software-based global standards broadcast TV and radio receiver, targeting PC platform and portable devices. Mirics will also develop software modem solutions to encompass other connectivity technologies such as Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, Wi-Fi and WiMax, to deliver the ultimate content-anywhere experience.

Mirics is headquartered in the UK, with R&D and pre- and post-sales support teams based around the world.